Saturday, September 5, 2009

Steph's Visit: Days Eight and Nine

Day Eight was another travel day, and started off with our first drive into Manhattan (to return something we'd rented the day before). Steph was at the wheel and, while I already knew that she was an excellent driver, she surprised me by totally (pardon my French) made a couple NYC cabbies her bitches. I was quite impressed and thoroughly amused. Don't mess with Steph, man...
We decided to meander past Foxwoods in Connecticut on our way home, figuring you might as well see The World's Largest Gaming Facility (located in approximately the middle of nowhere) if you're in the neighborhood.
Then it was back to Waltham, where a couple bunnies (who didn't miss us nearly enough to warm my heart) were waiting for us, being awesome and standing on each other...
We had plenty of leftover pizza toppings
and decided to throw some pizzas on the grill for dinner.
This turned out to be a nice low-key way to wind down after a whirlwind trip to New York and a day of travel... and was pretty darned tasty, too. (You can tell Steph rolled out the dough, since none of them are even a little bit round...)
Day Nine of Steph's visit was a grocery-shopping, duck-roasting, lazing-around kind of day. Here's Pedro in his new favorite "hiding place" (which, you will notice, does not hide him even a little) as he fears for his life while the duck roasts. (You can also see Rico's feet, as he is stretched out in the cave not even a little concerned for his life... because he is not deeply stupid...)
And... not much else to report. You have to give us introverts a day or two off every time we have a few days of adventure, especially adventure constantly surrounded by throngs of people... Only one day left in Steph's Totally Awesome Visit...

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