Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Steph's Visit: Day Six

Day Six started off with some sight seeing and finished up with an awesome meal at WD-50. The awesomeness of dinner definitely warrants its own post, so this will just be a quick summary of the touristy day that preceded dinner... My camera was on the fritz for most of this day for complicated reasons relating to a $3 spare battery purchased on eBay, but Steph's camera came through for us. We decided to go with 48-hour passes on a hop-on hop-off bus tour as an easy way of getting around to all the key touristy places.
For our first day we got the "important" stops out of the way, stopping first at the Empire State Building (and taking many lovely pictures from the top):
and then at the Statue of Liberty (which can also be seen on the island on the left in the picture above):
We also stopped for lunch at the Anthony Bourdain-approved Gray's Papaya.
We went with the "recession special" featuring two dogs and a beverage for $4.45. I went with Banana (which was totally freaking awesome) while Steph went with the more traditional Papaya (tasty and creamy, but not as awesome as the Banana in my opinion...).
Awesome beverages and pretty tasty dogs at a bargain price... and just enough to tide us over until our late (amazing) dinner at WD-50...

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