Monday, September 21, 2009

Obligatory Non-Bucs, Non-Bunnies Post

Hey there. I've been having a rough go of things as of late, so there has been minimal culinary adventuring taking place relative to the amounts of football-watching, hanging out with therapeutic bunnies, and moping. I was going to make a batch of paella this weekend and post about its awesomeness, but then I didn't really want traditional paella, so I'm not sure what I would call the (delicious) thing I made... and then I slightly over-cooked the rice because I was waiting for halftime of the Panthers-Falcons game before pulling it off of the heat (which took way longer than anticipated)... but it was still super-delicious and somehow sort of exactly what I wanted it to be. My Pseudo-Paella ended up looking like this:
not-so-al-dente rice and all... The one bit of non-football, non-bunny excitement recently was going to see The Walkmen (possibly my very favorite active band) at The Middle East in Cambridge. Joe and I had seen them as an opener for the stupid Kings of Leon at BU, but it was a sadly brief show in a too-large venue. This time (after a decent opener called The Big and a even decent-er second opener in Here We Go Magic) we were ~4 feet from the lead singer and were treated to a nice long set. The audio could have been a bit more nuanced (Why do lead guitarists insist on overpowering lead vocals?), but they still rocked the house and it was an awesome evening. Also, the lead singer is freakishly tall (which is a good thing) and has a very cool leather jacket (as Joe noted a time or two).
Not much else to report... unless you want to hear more of my thoughts on the Bucs? No? OK, then. I go in to get my new and improved cyborg parts in about a week and a half. That day really can't come soon enough at this point.

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