Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Steph’s Visit: Day Five

Day Five of Steph's visit was mostly a travel day. After a leisurely morning, we headed off for a few days in New York. We had packed a picnic lunch (leftover World's Greatest Sandwiches), and the only adventure of our drive was accidentally pulling off of the freeway in a random Connecticut town where there is apparently not a single public park (despite the presence of several private ones) or any street parking. We ended up eating in my car in a golf club's parking lot, keeping our eyes peeled for security... then continued on to NYC.
We checked in at our hotel in Jamaica, Queens (the cheapest place you can stay in New York, and only 3 blocks from the E-train) at around 5pm and, too tired to head into the city after a day in the car, trolled the neighborhood for something edible when dinner time rolled around. We were definitely in one of those neighborhoods where "Bar and Grill" means "slightly-too-trashy bar" and, in the end, take-out Chinese from across the street seemed like our best bet. A fried wonton appetizer with frighteningly red sauce:
was followed by a roast duck dish and sesame chicken:
What can you say about cheap trashy Chinese food? It is what it is, and this was a decent version of this genre of food. Can't really complain. We also seemed to luck out with our hotel room. We had booked a room with the portion of the hotel that was a hostel (for $40/night less than the regular hotel rooms), but the booking site had screwed up and reserved us a room with one large bed rather than the two twin beds we had requested. Thus, after a bit of a delay, a long phone call, and a fax being sent, we ended up in a nice room in the regular part of the hotel with two double beds at the hostel price. Always nice when mistakes work out in your favor...

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