Friday, January 30, 2009

Too Far in Advance?

So, I am apparently a dork. As many of you know, I have a pretty strong OCD streak going... Lists and schedules are incredibly soothing, and advance planning is super... For the most part I think this can be OK and leads to fantastic time management, but there are times when my advance planning goes off the rails... Two examples surfaced this past week as I tried to make lists of things that I will need to buy initially when I move into my apartment... Reasonable things include a shower curtain, a cage and other supplies for Rico and Pedro, a washer and dryer, a gas grill (which some stores seem to think is a "seasonal" item around here and thus don't stock when your yard is buried by 2 feet of snow), and seating for the living room and guest room... Ridiculous things that keep showing up on my list?

1) A "puppy play pen." I don't think Rico and Pedro are necessarily going to stick around if I let them loose out in the yard, so a nice big (collapsible) puppy play pen that I could put out in the back yard would allow them to hop around eating grass and enjoying nature without fear of predators or getting lost under a fence... Brilliant, right? The thing is, do I really need to buy that right now when the backyard looks approximately like the picture below?
2) I have a really strong impulse to buy an air-conditioner. I even did some comparison shopping and started to narrow down the list of places I may want to purchase it. This is important because summers here can be very hot and humid. This is not important right now because temperatures are seldom topping 32ºF these days. I've probably got a solid 2 months before I stop seeing snow outside my window, so maybe the air conditioner is a purchase that can wait?
In summary: I am apparently a dork.

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Unknown said...

well, brandon just dug us a new veggie bed and composted it, and well, you can't plant anything in it until about april, so we know a thing or two about shopping out of season... also, i always want a new jacket at exactly the time that the style of jacket i know want is out of season for the year...