Friday, January 16, 2009

Five Things I Learned Today...

1) If you turned the heat way down before going to bed because you like crisp refreshing air while you sleep under a big cozy down comforter, you should turn that heat up immediately after getting out of bed BEFORE getting in the shower (because after your shower you will think you are going to die from hypothermia). Boston is cold right now, people.
2) If you realize when you get to the elevator that you left your nice warm leather gloves behind, but you decide "Eh, I'll be fine..." but then you spend a good chunk of time scraping ice off of your windshields? You're going to wish you had just gone back for your gloves... especially if you are in Boston, where it is very very very cold.
3) If you leave electronics such as an iPod and cell phone in your car while you are at work and it is effing cold outside (because you are in Boston), those electronics will get so cold that the batteries think they are dead. Said electronics will function while plugged into a charger, and will understand that they indeed have plenty of battery left once your car is sufficiently warm, but for the first 15 minutes or so they are convinced that their batteries are dead. In case I didn't mention it, it is seriously cold here...
4) I apparently know more about computers/software than your average non-computer-nerd nerd (judging from conversations with my group's IT guy). I suspect this is because I hung out with a bunch of Mech Eng and Comp Sci folks while I was at Nerd School, and some of that knowledge sunk in. Ooh, and I am also apparently preternaturally gifted at changing the toner in printers/copiers. I have no explanation for this. (This item has nothing to do with how incredibly cold it is here....)
5) I've had some pretty awesome friends in my day who were fellow nerds, but I've never before been in a place where I felt so much like I was among "my people" as I do at T3. My co-workers are some of the most awesome, super-nice nerds I have ever met... (OK, so "super-nice" isn't really me, but it's the kind of people I like to surround myself with...) I totally love my new place of employment. Yay!

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Unknown said...

guessing its cold there! well, here its windy, two trees fell over in two different neighbor's yards yesterday! thankfully, our trees are happy where they are. so, it could be windy, which is MUCH worse than cold, trust me.