Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emily's First Day at Work

My first day working at what I will be referring to henceforth as The Think Tank (or T3) was pretty good overall, if somewhat paperwork-filled. I spent about 90 minutes out of my first 2 hours sitting in rooms alone waiting for people to come give me more paperwork or take me to my next location. Once I got my security badge (a temporary one, until the information in the 30-page document I filled out about myself today is investigated by the government) I was taken up to meet some people in my group, all of whom (as far as I can tell so far) are ridiculously nice.
(That's not really a swarm of anything deadly in the picture... just editing for the sake of discretion...)

I met with my main boss (the one who interviewed me for the job) over lunch in the cafeteria and he seemed really nice... then after lunch I had brief meetings with my other two bosses. The one who is in charge of the main project I’ll be working on was super-cool and made me feel like I could totally kick ass at my new job. He also talked about how life working at T3 is fairly stress-free and about what a great, collaborative environment it is. I won't say anything about what I'll be doing but, from what my bosses told me about the project, it should be pretty fun.
Tomorrow I have a couple meetings at which I’ll hear a bit more about the project... then it's more paperwork to make sure I can get a paycheck at the end of the month... Looking forward to the 3-day weekend, but also sort excited about getting settled in a bit more at work next week... Tonight I broke in the kitchen in my hotel room to make a batch of spicy north-African Chicken with Green Olives (shown above). Despite the grocery-shopping travails that led me to making this instead of the other 3 things I initially wanted to make, it turned out to be exactly what I wanted for dinner and was seriously delicious.

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