Monday, January 18, 2010

The Plan

So, I've been pondering the fact that this blog is more "Rico, Pedro, and Charley are Awesome!" plus a little "The Endless Suffering of a Bucs Fan" than it is "Emily's Culinary Adventures." Last May I posted about a couple recipes from restaurant cookbooks that I tried that weekend, and it was some of the most fun I've had putting a post together. I have a pretty massive cookbook collection, in fact, and countless post-its scattered throughout those books marking recipes that I want to try "someday." Well, my friends, someday officially begins... next weekend. With the exception of times when I can't cook for whatever reason (travel, surgery, kitchen flood...), I plan to pull out one of my awesome cookbooks every other weekend and give a recipe (or two?) a go. Further, I will think of this as training. I've gotten out of practice with recipe-following. I like to use them as inspiration and just sort of do my thing (making an Emily-style version of any given recipe), and I often lack the patience to pay attention to detail, especially if I'm in the proverbial weeds. But I need to get back into practice and hone my detail-paying-attention-to skills if I'm going to conquer a recipe from this bad boy:
by the end of the year. Thus, the plan: Fortnightly testing of (hopefully) kick-ass recipes from my cookbook collection, building towards an end game of pulling off a Heston Blumenthal recipe from The Big Fat Duck Cookbook before the end of the year. It sits in a position of honor atop my bookcase, the pride of my collection, mocking me with its beauty and complexity (I think the simplest recipe has a mere 5 pages of three-columns-of-small-text-per-page instructions), but I plan to show it who's boss... (even if the answer to that question will inevitably be "Mr. Blumenthal"...)


Midge said...

I'm excited to see what you whip up every other weekend! I'll eat vicariously through you!

Stanley said...

I like this plan of yours, mainly because I have a heart of stone and am immune to the charms of your growing warren of bunnies, but also because I enjoy your cooking insights. They are my favorite posts by far.