Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happiness is a Kick-Ass Butcher

Dear Blood Farm,

I think I love you.

Your name may be a bit odd but, then again, that may also be part of your inestimable charm.

I would be willing to pay a considerable sum for access to such beautiful, fresh, butchered-on-site meat and for the ridiculously wide selection you offer, but instead you choose to charge me even less than what the grocery store charges for their mass-produced dreck.

The fact that you not only carry pork fatback, but found me a "small" 3-pound chunk and gave it to me at no charge with the rest of my purchase? Blew my mind. Not to mention that you are the only place in town that could sell me the natural sausage casing I so desperately needed (along with the fatback and that lovely lamb shoulder) to make Merguez for the first time this weekend.

You provide every cut of meat I could ever desire, higher quality than I ever dare to hope for, and prices that make me glad I am getting a chest freezer for my basement next weekend so that I can stock up. (I do wish you were less than a 45-minute drive away, but I get it. You want to make me work for it.)

Have I mentioned that I think I love you? Because I do. I really, really do...

Love always,


Unknown said...

sigh, the chest freezer is a great investment. brando got one for his birthday. now we just need tons of meat! there is talk of splitting up a cow...

emmo said...

I'm pretty excited about it. I keep thinking of new reasons why I should have bought one long ago... Now, if only I had friends to split a cow with over here. =)