Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weekend in Seattle

Beyond the travel fiascoes and an awesome football game, it was a nice (if pleasantly uneventful) weekend in Seattle. I was feeling pretty beat up and gimpy after travel, and again after the game, so wild and crazy fun in the city wasn't really an option. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see my parents' version of The Only Chair That Doesn't Hurt My Back in their trunk when they picked me up at the airport.We were staying at the lovely Camlin Hotel in Seattle for free as part of a time-share my parents own, which meant absolutely gorgeous accommodations in a great neighborhood, with money to spare for yummy food and tasty beverages.Confined to the room for most of a drizzly Saturday, my mom went down to the front desk looking for a deck of cards, but returned instead with a game of Scrabble. I rolled my eyes and explained that I had no interest in playing that stupid game, then relented and almost instantly became addicted to it. I think this is largely based on the fact that I really enjoy games that I'm good at. The 75-point word I threw down on Sunday morning was one of the non-football highlights of the weekend...
It turns out that one of my awesome cousins and his totally awesome wife live in Seattle and, amazingly, we discovered that they actually live walking distance from our hotel. They met up with my mom while my dad and I were at the game, and presented us with a Christmas Yam when we got back to the hotel. Sweet.
It was great catching up with some extended family who I never really get to see despite how much I like them. We stuck to our dining M.O. for the weekend by going with the ol' "have a nice man bring us some yummy food" approach. We were actually 3-for-3 in delivery deliciousness while in Seattle, with really nice gourmet pizza on Saturday for lunch, the only great experience I've ever had with delivery sushi for Saturday dinner, and then some really kick-ass Thai food with our guests on Sunday night. Given this success rate, I'm led to believe that Seattle must be a pretty good food town, and I'll have to go back for some further exploration some time when I'm not largely constrained to a chair. In Portland now, looking forward to catching up with friends and enjoying as much trashy Mexican food as is humanly possible in a week. (My parents didn't think my idea of just doing $3 burritos for Christmas dinner was a good one, so it looks like we're going to be doing the traditional standing rib roast with all the fixins...)

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