Sunday, March 22, 2015

Random Pet Post: A New Member of the Household

Ever since deciding to try my hand at posting here again, I've been struggling to actually sit down and do it.  I could blame any number of things, but the most adorable excuse I have is that it's hard to type with this little sweetheart lounging on my lap...

Meet Luci.  She's a sweet, lazy, 5-year-old Pom that Devin and I rescued about 3 weeks ago.  Her favorite activities including napping, getting snuggles, lounging on the couch, napping, eating, running in little excited circles every time Devin enters the room, napping, barking at doorbell sounds, and napping.  
Jax is adjusting better to her than he ever did when we attempted to adopt a rabbit friend for him... Luci doesn't care at all about Jax, and he's being very brave as he figures that out.  He'll even hop over and sniff her sometimes, but would still prefer not to hang out alone with her...
Enough cuteness for now... Food post coming soon.

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