Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Note

Just wanted to post a quick note that the blog won't be regressing into a Bucs & Bunnies theme, even though that is not at all obvious from the last 3 posts... I was planning to cook something awesome from one of my favorite cookbooks last Saturday, but I was still recovering from food poisoning (from Oklahoma of all places... sigh...) when I did my grocery shopping and I was having a hard time finding anything remotely appetizing. I'm doing much better now, and will soon be hanging out with friends in California, which (knowing these friends) will include fun times in the kitchen, great food, and great wine... and on Monday it will also include dinner at The French Laundry. (Woot!)


Monsieur C and Madam K said...

Dear Emily,
I came across your blog while searching for Momofuku. :)
I have just bought the book last weekend and was looking around to see if anyone attempted his recipe.
Your post on Bánh Mì is great!
Glad you have a nice time in Malaysia during your trip. I am writing from KL. :)

See you around and take care.

Alicia said...

I trust you will be providing lots of pictures of french laundry???

emmo said...

@CTLim and KCHui: Momofuku quickly became one of my very favorite cookbooks. I hope you have as much fun cooking from it as I've been having. =)

@Alicia: You can definitely count on that... Can't wait! =P