Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everyday Yumminess: The Opposite of Pork Belly

With plans to make a Momofuku pork belly dish for the second time in two weeks, I wanted something light, fresh, and healthy for my non-pork-belly dinners. I wanted, basically, the opposite of pork belly. In the end I decided that Gazpacho Panzanella fit the bill perfectly.
I googled the name to see where it was that I first saw the original version of this recipe, and it turns out it's from Cooking Light. It also turns out that I've changed almost everything except the recipe for the dressing, which combines V8, red wine vinegar, garlic, and just a touch of olive oil. The rest of the dish is a giant pile of veggies, some grilled chicken breasts, and some toasted cubes of bread (I used ciabatta this time).
The veggies are tossed together,
then all the ingredients are combined with the sharp, tangy dressing...
This was the perfect meal for a lovely springtimey day, and was the perfect contrast to the rich, decadent pork belly that would follow. Nothing like a big bowl of veggies to make you feel nice and healthy in preparation for a slab of pork belly...

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