Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Post Involving Eggs

Catching up on posting today, and figured I'd better put something here to avoid two consecutive Bucs posts... One thing from over a week ago that I didn't post was the totally fantastic breakfast I made for myself before that less-than-fun Giants-Bucs game. Behold:
(That would be poached eggs served over crab cakes with bacon and an arugula salad...) Throw in 12 shots of espresso, and you have a pretty good way to start a horrible day, no? I was playing with a new egg-poaching technique because I am inordinately intimidated by the poaching of eggs. If I have a wing-man in the kitchen I will delegate this task to them, and if I'm on my own I will most likely just not have poached eggs. Trying to keep the whites together and whatnot, draining them after they come out of the water without breaking them in the process... Ack! Too much stress first thing in the morning, if you ask me.. For these eggs, I brought a pot to a boil and cracked eggs into a small bowls lined with plastic wrap that had been lightly brushed with olive oil. Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper, pick up the edges of the plastic wrap to form a little bundle containing the egg, and close off the top with a bag clip. When the water is ready, simply drop the bundles in and cook until perfectly poached. The olive oil helps prevent the egg sticking to the plastic wrap, and you get a perfect egg with beautiful (unless you're Steph, in which case it would be gross) runny yolk:
In other random news, I am now the proud owner of the world's most totally awesome soap dispensers. They have motion sensors, so if you have raw chicken on your hands or if you've just been cleaning a bunny cage, you can get soap without having to touch anything. The dish soap dispenser is also great when you need more soap mid-washing-something but don't want to have to set down what you're washing in order to put more soap on your sponge. I am in love with them:
Alrighty... I think this is now a sufficient buffer between pictures of the Bucs...

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Midge said...

I am also affraid of poaching eggs, all that swirling egg in boiling water . . . . I'm going to have to try out your technique!