Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Darned Content...

Maybe it’s the coffee talking, but I’m having one of those mornings where life just seems good… really good… I still have 12 weeks of being a woman of leisure before the start date at my new (awesome) job... I’m reading a fantastic book (Arkansas by John Brandon)… I have delicious coffee… I’m still basking in fond memories of last night’s dinner (grilled marinated leg of lamb with homemade pitas and tzatziki)… The airlines found the two boxes that I’d shipped to Portland containing all of my favorite stuff (which they’d previously lost and couldn’t find for a month)… The weekend starts tonight, which means fun adventures with Stanley and Alicia await… I’ve decided that if something goes horribly wrong with the election then I’m just going to move back to Melbourne, thus relieving any election-related stress that was starting to accumulate… It has become apparent that the Bucs are going to go 14-2 this season and win the Super Bowl in a romp… I may get to see a Ranchero Brothers show in LA with Steph in November… I just found out I get to go to my favorite place at the Oregon coast in December… The sun is shining… If there were birds, I’m sure they would be singing… Life, basically, is good.

Just wanted to share the happiness... In case anyone reading this is in a mental place where life isn’t seeming quite so totally and completely awesome at the moment, here are some pictures that make me smile on less contented days and which should put a smile on the face of anyone who isn't dead inside:

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Midge said...

Ha! I like the last one. Have a good weekend, hopefully we'll be seeing you soon!