Monday, November 28, 2011

Mmmm... Leftovers...

Quick post about the two best reasons for Thanksgiving: The Soup... and The Sandwich.
I was planning to bake bread for the sandwich, but followed one of my new rules: Cut yourself a break sometimes. Thus, when that seemed like it would require a lot of time in the kitchen, I realized my friend was making a run to Russo's for me that very day and sent her a quick e-mail to see if she could pick up a loaf of brioche for me while she was there. Problem solved. Also, it turns out that a turkey, cranberry, brie, and arugula sandwich tastes unbelievably delicious on toasted brioche. This may be my new favorite way to make it anyway... The Soup, of course, is a Turkey Pozole. Last year I used canned pozole, but this year I had some great dried stuff from the good folks at Purcell Mountain Farms.
A pound and a half of dry pozole went into my favorite pot with about 6 quarts of water and a head of garlic split in half (in a mesh thingy so I wouldn't have to fish it out later... also with a sliced up chile pepper just for fun...).
While I was pulling the meat off of the turkey legs to use in my soup, I went ahead and tossed the leg bones in the pot, too... because why not?
After about 4 hours of gentle simmering partially covered, during which time I added about a quart and a half of my turkey stock to keep the kernels covered with liquid, I added 5 minced jalapeño peppers and simmered for another hour or so...
I added two drained large cans of diced tomatoes and simmered for a while longer, then added the turkey meat and stirred until just warmed through and seasoned to taste with salt.
I like to garnish with a squeeze of lime, shredded cabbage, and thinly sliced radish slices. This time I also crisped up some turkey skin for fun and added some thin jalapeño slices. Mmmm...
I have enough to have this for lunch every day this week, and I cannot wait... I should definitely make this soup more than once a year.

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