Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi there. It has apparently been almost a month since last I posted, so I figured I'd ease back in with some bunnies. My computer broke, and I lost some great pictures of the guys there... but they've been doing some pretty cute things to try to make up for that. First up, isn't Pedro the sweetest little angel ever, taking a nap on/hugging Rico's butt?
I encourage you to click on that picture to embiggen it. His little face is so sweet. They weren't locked in the cage in that picture, but they have been more often lately (once a week for half a day, typically). Sometimes I just need that room to be clean, and Rico and Charley are still feeling territorial enough to be constantly marking. Jerks. They don't really seem to mind when they're locked in the cage. They use the time to do some awesome three-bunny snuggles.
Outside of the cage, I have a step stool that I leave in their pen (they also lost the privilege of running around my entire kitchen until they show that they can use their litter boxes a bit better). Rico used to love it and consider it his personal cave... then Charley found it and decided there was room for two... Now Rico seldom gets it to himself and often finds himself squeezed out by his brothers.
They often sit in there and groom him while he's on the outside (as in the picture above), so he doesn't seem to take it too personally. Speaking of the things Rico puts up with, I've mentioned before that Pedro likes to stand on him... but apparently Charley has picked up that habit, too:
Poor Rico. I often find myself apologizing to him (even though I know he can't understand) for making him live with a bunny as crazy as Charley... At least they mostly love each other.

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