Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Lots of random bunny snuggles to post today. The guys are all totally in love, and seem to get more and more affectionate with each other every day.
I think Pedro is the happiest about living with two other bunnies. He loves grooming his brothers (and standing on them). I think he may be the happiest blind, toothless, glaucoma-ridden, brain-damaged bunny ever.
The boys all went to the dentist last week. Rico had a fantastic time, since we found out that he didn't have to have his molars fixed just yet, so he just got to hang out and offer moral support. Pedro got his molars done and proceeded to look completely stoned for the next two days. The bad news was that Charley had a tooth root abscess that had to be removed. Being Charley, though, he was acting like nothing had happened by the next morning. Here he is with his new best friend the morning after his surgery...
Rico's little feet never stop amusing me... They're even crossed in that picture! Awesome. Here Charley smooshed himself in between Rico and Pedro when he felt like he needed a good snuggle.
I've had to give him two medications, do 10 minutes of hot compresses, and then inject honey into the gaping hole in his chin twice a day since his surgery. It's pretty much torture for him (he is a giant drama queen about these things), and it breaks my heart because, when he needs a break for some comfort, I'm the one he turns to (even though I'm also the one administering the torture). He stands on my lap with his paws on my chest, looking at me as if to say "You would not believe what some horrible person has been doing to me! Thank god you're here..." Fingers crossed that the abscess is gone and stays away... Since Rico sometimes doesn't get enough pictures around here, I'll close with a few of him... Here he is enjoying some time outside.
Stretched out showing off his cute little feet (again)...
And lounging in his private cave (which Charley sometimes steals lately, much to his dismay). This can't be comfortable (it looks like the stool is strangling him), but he lounges in this position a lot. Weirdo.

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