Monday, March 14, 2011


More shots of Rico and his friend Charley this week... After watching them fight for over a year, it still makes me chuckle to see them so happy together. Whether they're snacking on some carrot tops that a nice lady brought them...
or practicing their synchronized lounging...(I had the wrong lens on my camera when I lot of this was happening, so pardon the blur/focus issues.) Here's Rico grooming Charley in the cave while Charley slowly starts to doze off...Snuggles in the cave:Charley grooming Rico out in the middle of the kitchen:And Charley hanging out on top of Rico's private cave (moving too fast for the camera to capture him sharply), just to be a brat:Rico is having a great time being social, but perhaps his favorite moments are when he discovers a special treat before his brothers do...
Pedro still get snuggles from Charley and Rico as well. Here he is hanging out with a lounging Rico. (I giggle whenever I see Rico's silly little feet all stretched out...)
Finally, all three together in the cave... Check out Pedro's sweet little closed eyes. Rico is going back and forth between grooming Pedro and grooming Charley in this picture... because he's awesome.

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