Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Quick update on the bunnies. Everyone is happy and healthy and adorably in love with one another. Charley and Rico have a weird bond that cracks me up while warming the cockles of my cold cold heart.
The bunnies snuggle in all possible combinations during the day, but they seem to have a routine at night. During the middle of the night, Rico sprawls out in the middle of the kitchen floor. Charley either snuggles him, grooms him, or stands guard for him (typically all three at varying times). During this time, Pedro naps in the cage.
Rico's little feet kill me... Pardon the mess in that last one. It was puppy-pad-changing day. (We've still got some territorial poo being carefully distributed by Rico and Charley.) At other times, the guys just lounge on their own... Here's sleepy nap-time Pedro... rudely awakened by the sound of my camera turning on.
Silly Rico (again on puppy-pad-changing day) stretching just one leg way back...
And exhausted little Charley. I love how his hind legs are stretched super-long. Sweetheart. He seems to be suffering from ennui.
Finally, one of my favorite Pedro quirks: He likes to put himself in "time out":
His nose is seriously smooshed into that corner. My theory is that, because he's blind, he likes to have his nose pressed on something when he falls asleep so he can kind of get his bearings when he wakes up. Or, maybe he's just crazy... and ridiculously cute.

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