Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 9 Bucs Post (@ Atlanta, L 21-27)

I'm not sure which feels worse: getting blown out or coming up a yard short of victory.
I suppose the latter is better since, amidst all of the heartbreak of Sunday's game, I still felt proud of my team. The run defense, which has been rather embarrassing at times this year, stood their ground in the second half. They bailed the team out of a couple bad situations following a turnover and an almost-perfect onside kick, and they finally showed some pride.
Josh Freeman is so awesome, even with the two interceptions. It's fun hearing the national media get excited about him and his potential. I love seeing him out there running the no-huddle, the clear leader of this team. We've been missing that for a long time.
Cadillac Williams was again HUGE in protecting Freeman. To go through what he has, coming back from two potentially career-ending knee injuries to return to form, then accepting a less flashy role in the offense... He's a good kid.
I don't know why the call was made on 4th-and-1 to not keep the ball in Freeman's hands, but what's done is done. My delusions seem to be coming back in full-force, since I don't honestly see Tampa losing another game this year... I'll be sitting front-row, 50-yard-line at the Carolina game in Tampa next week. My first time at Raymond James Stadium. Can't wait...

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