Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not even a sinus infection and my oven's decision to spontaneously break while I cooked my turkey could ruin the awesome Thanksgiving Feast I threw together. (Recipes and more pictures can be found on my mostly-defunct recipe blog here.)My turkey was perfect: super-crispy skin, super-moist white meat, and super-delicious everything...
Dry-brining is definitely the way to go. Also, despite not being that into baking, I made the world's most adorable (and delicious) holiday dessert: Mini Bourbon-Pumpkin Cheesecakes.(These little cheesecakes are about 2 inches in diameter and an inch and a quarter high, so they're perfect after a big meal.) Not bad for a sicky without the proper working appliances... I hope everyone else enjoyed Thanksgiving at least as much as I did... (but hopefully more than I did, since presumably you were not sick and your oven didn't break...)

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