Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 5 Bucs Post (@ Cincy, W 24 - 21)

Coming off of the bye week, I was a little worried about this Cincy game. The Bengals are not a bad team, and after getting embarrassed by the Steelers I wasn't sure the Bucs would be up to the task. A little luck and a lot of poise later, these guys came from behind for the improbable win at the last moment of regulation.Cody Grimm, who was burned for big play after big play against the Steelers, came up with a huge pick-six when I was getting nervous at the beginning of the second quarter.Earnest Graham stepped up for a couple big runs. I love that Graham is a player who will score a touchdown, then be down the field seconds later getting ready to play his part on special teams. Josh Freeman made a couple mistakes early, most of which were related to failing to throw the ball away in a bad situation, but was huge down the stretch. He has so much poise for such a young guy, and I feel like his potential is almost limitless. Freeman is aided by the fact that Mike Williams has quickly become his go-to receiver. It's fun watching these young guys play together, and it was a perfect pass to Mike Williams in the end zone that brought the game to a late-fourth-quarter tie... leaving just enough time for Piscitelli's pick and run-back and a very close call on a sideline catch by Michael Spurlock, which set up Barth for a game-winning chip-shot...Bring on the Saints!

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