Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mini Bunnies(!) Post

Things have been a bit chaotic bunny-wise since I came back from California. I arrived home at 2am Sunday morning to find that Pedro was really not doing well. He's been developing a tendency toward... um... "incontinence" lately, and had made a spectacular mess of himself while I was away. This resulted in a really really bad situation for him, and I had to take him to the emergency vet that day. They got him cleaned up and gave me meds for the pain and inflamation and tummy trouble and whatnot. He'd lost a lot of weight while I was gone (I think he had been eating too slowly because of the pain, which resulted in Charley finishing off the food before Pedro got enough...) and seemed so sickly. I took him in for a check-up last week and learned that he has glaucoma issues and was also most likely suffering from a brain parasite infection (which explains the increasing tendency towards incontinence and the fact that he has very little coordination in his hind legs). We got him started on some meds for those things, and his behavior and mood starting improving pretty rapidly. He's still a little on the skinny side, and still has some meds he has to take every day (which he is a little angel about), but he's mostly back to being my little sweetheart. Here you can see how they shaved his ears for the IV. It's a very hip look for bunnies...He's been exploring a lot more lately, and has started burying himself in piles of hay again (which I haven't seen him do in months).So glad to have my sweet little guy on his way back to health. Between the blindness, the glaucoma, the parasites, the recurring molar spurs, and the (removed) maloccluded incisors, dude has had a tough go of things. Here's hoping that things keep going in this positive direction from now on... I plan to do my part by spoiling him rotten.

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