Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We continue to work on bonding around here, and it's progressing bit by bit. I still can't get over the fact that Pedro was the one who wanted Charley dead when I first brought Charley home - constantly trying to bite him with his toothless little mouth and acting way more aggressive than I ever thought possible from such a sweetheart. Charley decided that he loved Pedro, though, and after Charley deployed his patented Forced Snuggles move on Pedro enough times, Pedro suddenly realized that he sort of loved Charley, too. If only all bonding was so easy. My toothless lops are almost unbearably sweet together...I'll start with a few shots from a nighttime bonding session on the porch. My favorite moment was Charley and Rico's face-washing competition...
Here's Charley trying to decide whether or not to mount Rico, and Rico being an incredibly good sport about it. (Charley ended up running away instead of mounting him... this time.)
And... Charley being a big dork.
I started doing a couple empowerment exercises for Rico after that session. For the next two nights, when the kitchen bunnies were locked up for the night (Pedro needs boundaries these days), I set up a rug (Rico is scared of slippery floors) and left the gate open so he could come in and see Charley in the cage and not be so scared of him. I think it worked really well. I liked that Rico wasn't fighting Charley, but Rico had been seeming kind of beaten down and sad, and I wanted him to start feeling free to define some boundaries with Charley so they could live together happily someday. He seems much more confident now, and Charley is learning that certain behavior isn't super-appropriate... Here they are at our next bonding session, looking all peaceful together...
Rico is an extremely handsome bunny, and I'm pretty sure he knows it. Look at this guy...
Charley likes to run around like a maniac until he's breathing so fast that it shakes his whole body, then go and crash next to a fence until he's ready to do it again... He cracks me up.
Pedro doesn't explore much on the porch. He really likes my little table and almost always stays close to it.
After bonding time on the porch with no major altercations, I decided to take the guys down on the grass. This has been problematic in the past, since Charley acts even crazier on the grass and Rico gets really fed up with him. This time, though, they did really well together, and all three were sharing the same bush for about a half hour. (Rico is hiding behind it while my toothless lops snuggle...)
Rico decided to explore a bit, too. Here's an action sequence that I find adorable. Rico being very handsome while sniffing a leaf:
Wait! What's that sound?:
Run away! Run away!:
In general, I think things are going well. I may get the steam cleaner ready next week and let the guys hang out in the kitchen together. (They haven't been spraying each other outside, but outside isn't anyone's territory...) I'm in no huge rush to get them all living together, though, and everyone is happy where they are in the meantime.

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