Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bunnies! - Return of the HPFC

In a development that is sure to dismay my friends who don't think I should let the rabbits be the boss of me, but that just as surely made Charley and Pedro really happy, the HPFC (Hawk-Proof Food Cave) is back (and better than ever). I took down the HPFC at some point because (a) it occupies prime real estate in the kitchen and (b) the guys weren't using it anymore, choosing instead to snuggle behind the air conditioner. Pedro used to be scared to death of slippery floors, but Charley has recently taught him that smooth surfaces are way better for flopping on than carpet is. This led to the guys doing some rearranging in the cage (pardon the mess... it was cage-cleaning day...):
I took the hint and set up the cage so that the rug didn't go all the way to the back corner, and they definitely approved:
I also noticed that they were spending most of their time sprawling out on the linoleum... usually behind the back door, such that I shoved them with the door every time I came home from work and felt like a total asshole for ruining snuggle time... I used the knowledge of these two things to come up with a new idea for the HPFC: Instead of using a rug on the cave floor as I had in the past, the HPFC now features one of those smooth plastic thingys that you're supposed to put under office chairs to help them roll on carpet...
This is the new lounging place now, which means I can open the back door freely and also be amused by scenes like this...Cuties. The other side-effect of the HPFC being back is that Charley can climb again... which means no food is safe when I set it on top of the cage...
I'll probably take the HPFC back down for big dinner parties and such (when there's a crowd in the kitchen and no room for such frivolous things), but I really don't mind giving up a bit more of my kitchen the rest of the time if it keeps my guys happy... In other news, bonding is progressing really well. Rico and Charley haven't fought at all during the last three times we were out together. Charley is asserting his dominance (sometimes in a not-super-polite way) and Rico seems willing to let him. I think it will be at least a couple months before I try to have them hang out together indoors (there hasn't been any spraying in a while, but I am not a fan of cleaning urine out of my rugs, so I'm going to be sure they're getting along before I go there...), but we are definitely on the right track... Good job, Rico!

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