Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, the kitchen bunnies are apparently taking a stand against the use of a dryer when I do laundry. I guess they're just thinking of the environment, but it's a bit annoying. They generally do this by blocking the door to the dryer side of the laundry closet while snuggling, but Charley also took it upon himself to sabotage my dryer yesterday, finding a way to get behind it and then tearing the outlet hose to shreds. Well played, sir. A little duct tape got it back in working order for now, and they returned to their less active protests almost immediately. (That's the air conditioner that they're lounging behind. They don't seem opposed to electricity that is used to keep them comfy...)
When I gently try to open the door, they move millimeter by millimeter out of the way, looking really confused and annoyed (especially Pedro on the confusion side of things) and I feel like a monster... Brats.

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