Saturday, May 15, 2010


A mix of indoor and outdoor pictures today... Rico, again, gets the short end of the stick since he lives in the room where my good camera never is. He also spends most of his outdoor time at the far side of the yard, while Charley and Pedro stay close to my chair (and thus closer to my camera). Here are a few outdoor Rico shots:
After about 20 minutes, it became clear that Rico and Charley cannot share even a giant outdoor space, so Rico ended up in solitary confinement in the corner. I made sure he had a bush to lounge under, though, which he appreciated. He was having a really nice time over there, but I'm still going to try to figure out a system to get him even more Charley-free space.
I think it's pretty clear who my favorite bunny to take outdoor pictures of is... and this is one of my all-time favorites of him:
Charley loves running in the grass so much... I let him run out there most evenings for a little bit when I get home from work (he just runs down the stairs and across the parking area on his own and I don't need to set up the fence for him), but he really loves getting these extra-long periods of time to run around.
When he wasn't running around like a maniac, he was sitting around posing adorably...
He also loves grazing on assorted greenery that he finds...
Pedro never went more than 10 feet from my chair, but seemed to have a nice time.
He seemed most happy when he was hanging out with his buddy, Charley... When Charley got tuckered out from picking fights with Rico and/or running around, he came over to collapse in Rico's pet carrier, where Pedro either groomed him or smooshed in next to him:
They continue to do a lot of this indoors, as well. Here Pedro is standing on Charley (like he used to always stand on Rico).
And grooming Charley when (apparently) Charley's neck was dirty...
When terrifying things happen (like, in this case, scallions being sautéed in butter), they snuggle together for comfort.
Finally, proof that some of Pedro's brain power is rubbing off on the usually-clever Charley: here Charley is "trapped" outside the cage and trying to gnaw his way back in... (I took this picture through the always-open cage door, of course...)
Hopefully the weather holds up and we can get outside again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Three unique personalities for these three bunnies. What a delight!

I love how Pedro and Charlie have bonded once Rico got his own "space"!