Thursday, May 6, 2010


Have I mentioned lately that Rico is handsome? Because Rico is a very, very, very handsome bunny. Check him out:
He's on a bit of a diet (carrots are only for special occasions now) to try to reduce the size of his belly, and I think he looks pretty fantastic. Every morning when I come in he starts running around the room in circles or figure-eights, shaking his head around. I wonder sometimes if he's trying to demonstrate to me that he totally works out all the time, and thus should get to eat more carrots again... Heh. When he gets tired of running around, he sprawls out under my chair while I do my morning computer stuff, just to remind me how awesome he is... The kitchen bunnies continue to be adorable dorks. About 93% of the time when I come in, they are in some variation on this position:
The tail-end of which looks like this:
They are so very content together, and Rico seems pretty darned happy just chilling with me or on his own, so I think we're all in a good place these days. I never saw Rico seem so comfortable when he lived in the kitchen and, as I've mentioned before, Pedro has never been so outgoing and charming. (Charley, as always, is both insane and awesome.) Basically, I seem to have lucked into three of the best bunnies on the planet. Good stuff...

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