Monday, April 19, 2010


Time for another bunny post. No pictures of Rico this week, but rest assured that he is doing well... He's sprawled out on the floor in superman pose as I write this, looking very fat and handsome, as always. (We're cutting carrots out of his diet to try to work on the "fat" part of that equation...) Charley has gotten himself bonus outdoor time by taking advantage of the time it takes my screen door to close when I walk through it.
He goes running out whenever I open the door. He usually sticks close to the porch, but will run out to binky on the lawn if I'm down by the grill for a while. The upstairs neighbors' cat is actually pretty scared of him, and he runs fast from all other cats and from cars, so he would almost be OK on his own, but I keep an eye on him just the same. Back inside, Pedro and Charley continue to become better friends. Charley is learning the joys of just chilling in the HPFC with Pedro, grooming each other and snuggling...
(Those are actually from three different days... Apparently Charley has dibs on the spot next to the drawers...) He also picked up Pedro's trick of completely burying himself in hay while eating it. Heh.
Charley spends most of his time running around like a maniac, but when he's tuckered out he's really tuckered out...
One of the checkers at Russo's saves carrot tops for people with bunnies. Here's Pedro stuffing his face after a massive carrot top haul:
That is an impressive amount of food to stuff into his little mouth! Sweet little Pedro has found a raisin acquisition technique that I have absolutely no defense against. Behold:
Every morning when I'm making espresso he comes over and gently stands on my shoe, sometimes cautiously pawing at my shin or calf or gingerly nudging me with his nose. It kills me. Charley tries to copy him, but is a giant dork so is way too aggressive about it. Charley's approach is approximately like shouting "RAISINS!!! RaisinsRaisinsRaisins!!! RAI!!! SINS!!!" whereas Pedro's approach seems to say "Pardon me, Ma'am. I hope it's not too much trouble, but I was wondering if you might possibly have a raisin or two that you would be willing to part with? I apologize for any inconvenience..." At this point I can't even wash dishes (the sink is next to the espresso machine) without a sweet little gray bunny standing on my foot. Sigh. One last Pedro picture. He likes to take naps with his face against something (a wall, a litter box side, a door)... I have no idea why he does this, but he always looks to me like he's put himself in a time out for being bad... Cutie...