Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bunny Update (aka The Little Assholes... and Pedro)

Wow. The bunnies are making it really hard to love them sometimes these days... except for Pedro, of course, who just gets more awesome every day. Lots of locked-in-the-cage pictures, since that's where they're going to be spending a whole lot of time until Rico figures out how to see Charley without peeing on my floor. First a couple shots during the brief moments when they were out and about. Charley still eats a bit of bunny food (since he's young and still growing... the other two just eat veggies...), but if I leave it down in the common area then it gets eaten by everyone, so I put it up on top of the small cage, where only Charley is athletic/clever/hyper enough to access it.
Here's Pedro hiding behind Rico to make sure the coast is clear to leave the cage... or perhaps just waiting to make sure he's not going to get "accidentally" sprayed with urine (again) if he comes out...The way they were acting, you would think the strap on my camera was made of the bunny equivalent of crack... (The pictures are a bit blurry because everyone was acting like maniacs...)
The cool thing about that last picture is that you can see a hint of Rico's bum as he hops away, but Pedro hung out being all sweet and awesome. The old Pedro would have run away as soon as his bodyguard left, but the new Pedro is so much more brave and confident. It's incredibly endearing. He and Charley still seem to have a special bond (toothless bunny solidarity and whatnot), and I think it's really a two-way street. Charley has helped Pedro feel more comfortable and confident, probably because he is able to give Pedro snuggles without ever attacking him... (Here he is having smooshed himself between Pedro and the cage door.)
And Pedro is helping Charley make headway with Rico, and is there to comfort Charley when Rico is being an even bigger jerk than usual. Here is Pedro, the comforter:
And a shot taken just before a moment that made me very proud of Pedro:
Pedro was snuggling his chin down on Charley's head, and Rico took the opportunity to (sort of aggressively) groom Charley's back. Pedro held Charley's head under his chin the whole time to keep him calm, and then gently groomed Charley's head when it was over to let him know things were OK. Granted, it's in his best interest to get the two little assholes to stop fighting so he can stop getting caught in the urine-spraying cross-fire, but I still love seeing him be so assertive and awesome. Finally, here is a super-long video a friend took while Charley and Pedro were acting like dorks at the cage door.

So, all three are now spending most of their time in the big cage together. I tried to let them out for a while last night, but Rico soon peed all over the floor and they were promptly returned to the cage. They seem to slowly be getting along better and better, and I'm hoping that they will soon see that they have no choice but to get along, since nobody is going anywhere. It's really only been 2 months of actively trying to bond them, and nobody is making (serious) attempts on anyone else's life, so I think we're doing OK, really. Charley and Rico will get there... and, when they do, I'm looking forward to having them running around freely again.

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