Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bunny Update

I feel like (after calling Charley and Rico "assholes" a little over a week ago) I should update anyone who cares on the status of the bunnies... Charley is still (and will most likely always be) seriously insane, and I don't think Rico will ever be a bunny who the word "asshole" does not apply to (passive-aggressive, jerk, and bully also come to mind), so there's no progress on that front... but there seems to be progress in general. Since I last posted about the little guys, they've spent almost all of their time locked in the big cage together. We've probably had a total of 24 hours in the last 10 days when the cage door was open. (I hate that, since I'm used to having bunnies who roam free, but it seems to bother me way more than it bothers them and I just couldn't keep up the schedule of steam-cleaning the rug every single day...) With all of this forced togetherness, I think it's finally sinking in that they need to learn to get along. The first good sign was when Charley, who was previously extremely tense when locked in with Rico, felt comfortable enough to completely zonk out and take a good nap:
He didn't even move when I came in and made all kinds of noise microwaving my lunch. I was glad he finally stretched his hind legs a little, because I was starting to worry that Rico had done him in... Things were still pretty rocky until last weekend, when we seemed to have a bit of a breakthrough (aided, perhaps, by how terrifying caramelizing onions are...). Suddenly I would come in and find three bunnies all snuggled together!
On purpose!
Or sitting in close proximity without any hostility:
Seriously. Look at that. Rico and Charley lounging! Together! Crazy... While my friends were over for dinner on Sunday, we actually witnessed several instances of Rico grooming Charley before snuggling down next to him, and I now find them happily snuggled up in a 3-bunny pile (with Charley in the middle instead of Pedro being in the middle to act as a buffer) pretty frequently. Don't get me wrong. I still hear quite the ruckus most nights around two or three in the morning, and find the puppy pads that I have surrounded the cage with (as you can see above) showing plenty of evidence that Rico is still in a "spraying" phase when he's upset... But these guys are seriously close to being bonded. A big pile of yummy greens always helps...
What bunny can be cranky when he has a mouthful of parsley? The next two are pictures that my friend R took with my old camera, and which we found amusing for the way they are a commentary on both Charley and Pedro's personalities...
Charley is a blur, frantically moving about, rubbing his chin all over Pedro (Charley doesn't groom the other two, just rubs his chin on them to indicate that they are his... heh...), generally just being a big crazy weirdo... and Pedro just sits there, calm and stoic, waiting for his strange new friend to calm down or get distracted and move on... probably wondering what he's gotten himself into by bonding with this guy. They are both pretty darned awesome. (Rico is, too... He's just too dignified to be involved in such shenanigans...) Charley is one of the more awesome bunnies you could ever meet, but I still really think that my favorite part of him living here has been how happy he's made Pedro. My affection for that little guy has grown a ridiculous amount as I've seen him become so much happier and more at ease.Above Pedro is napping in the pet carrier, which is his favorite place. This is what happens if they're out during the day: Charley runs into the living room to nap in his favorite spot under one of my end tables. Pedro explores a bit, snuggles with Rico a bit, then goes to nap in the pet carrier. Rico munches on hay, then snuggles down in the corner of his cage to enjoy having the place all to himself for a while. I think the time apart probably does them good after all the forced togetherness. Anyway... It would appear that what was once seemingly impossible is just weeks away, and I am extremely proud of my little guys for making this work.

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