Friday, January 29, 2010


So, you may have noticed that there have been fewer bunny posts around here lately. There's a reason for this, and it's not just that Stanley disapproves... The reason there have been fewer posts about my three good bunnies is that I only have one good bunny now, and his name is Pedro. I also have two bad bunnies named Charley (who is insane) and Rico (who is an asshole). After bonding got off to a good start, things hit a snag when Charley and Rico decided they just didn't want to make it work. Things started to go downhill with little scuffles that seemed minor enough, but then came the spraying. Oh, yes. The spraying. This? Was not cool. Rico and Charley couldn't be around each other for more than a minute or two before one of them was spraying the other, sometimes catching me or Pedro in the crossfire. I own a little home carpet steam-cleaner, and it is getting put to use on pretty much a daily basis. Everyone has been spending a lot more time locked in cages as a result, with Rico and Charley sometimes trading places since everyone gets along with Pedro. Here are Pedro and Charley freaking out together when I was cooking bacon last weekend:Everyone had brekky together this morning in and around the big cage:
(Charley likes to dive into the full containers, rather than settling for what I dish out for him. I allow this for a few minutes every morning because he is ridiculously cute...) Things have improved a bit now, as Charley seems to be done with spraying. Rico, on the other hand, continues to feel the need to mark his territory on the kitchen carpet. (Have I mentioned that I love my little steam-cleaner?) Since he seems to be the main trouble-maker at the moment, he is imprisoned in the small cage while Pedro and Charley hop around behaving themselves.(You can see that the small cage is where the hawk-proof food cave used to be. Caves are for good bunnies...) So, we still have a ways to go. The problem we're bumping into is the fact that Rico is a bully. When he bullies Pedro (as he does), Pedro just lies down and takes it or runs away, and Rico can then feel good about himself. When he tries to bully Charley in the same way, though, Charley tries to claw him to death (which is a bit of an over-reaction, really), and then Rico feels insecure and like he needs to bully Charley more aggressively and keep marking his territory. He doesn't understand that Charley is bigger, stronger, and crazier than him. Charley seems willing to be Rico's friend, and will hop up and touch noses with him, but as soon as Rico nips at him? It's on.
Sigh. Hopefully this is just a phase, and a short-lived one at that. I find these guys infinitely more charming when they're not forcing me to constantly clean my carpet...