Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bunnies! (Bonding Update)

So, I decided to take a more aggressive approach to the bonding process today, going with the ol' "Let's All Sit in a Bathtub at Naptime and Eat Kale Together" tactic. It actually went surprisingly well. Pedro made one half-assed attempt to nip at Charley, but you could tell his heart wasn't in it. Other than that, there was nothing resembling an attempt at fighting and no attempts at mounting anyone, either. Pedro was fast asleep when I woke him up for this experience, so he was pretty sleepy the whole time. Rico was so nervous he was trembling at first, but soon relaxed and started washing his face and eating kale. Charley was the only one who was totally relaxed the entire time, and he seemed SO happy to get to snuggle with the other bunnies, which led to much adorableness. In summary: This went really, really, really well, and I'll definitely start doing it on a regular basis. Behold the cuteness:

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