Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bunnies! (The Bonding Continues...)

So, the above picture isn't from bonding time... It's just Pedro standing on Rico... again... as he does. Bathtub bonding time seemed to have stagnated a bit, with Charley being a hyper little snuggle-obsessed dork, Pedro being thoroughly freaked out by said snuggles, and Rico seeming OK with being around Charley, if deeply confused by him.
On our last bathtub-time day, Charley was obsessed with Pedro. He kept trying to squish himself in next to Pedro, and would hop up and follow him if Pedro tried to go somewhere Charley-free. Note the totally awesome "hug" he's giving Pedro in the top picture. Hee... =)
We then moved things out to the bathroom floor, so there would be more space and Rico and Pedro could relax (and get further away from Charley) a little. As I expected, this increased the level of not-so-snuggly interaction, too. There are less pictures, because they were definitely keeping me on my toes... but there was more excessive mounting (ahem... Rico...) than fighting, so I think we're still making progress. Charley and Rico seem to be battling it out for Alpha Bunny status, while poor little Pedro has sadly accepted his spot at the bottom of the pecking order. Here are a couple pictures to prove that they weren't constantly harassing each other:Plus a video, just for fun:

Hopefully progress will continue. I would love to get them all living in one place and watch the snuggling ensue...

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