Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bunnies! (The Bonding Continues... Some More...)

We finished out the week with a few more days of the bunnies gated into the bathroom together. They seemed to be doing pretty well, to the point that I could just throw them in there and go about my business in the apartment, rather than having to supervise and break up fights.
Meanwhile, Rico and Pedro still love the mat in front of the kitchen sink:
and Pedro disapproves:Feeling like things had stalled out in the locked-in-the-bathroom bonding scenario, I decided to ramp things up a bit. After spending the night with his cage in the kitchen door (where he and the kitchen bunnies could see and smell each other), Charley was officially released into the kitchen this morning. (He had been there before on a few occasions when he managed to escape, but never with permission...) Things went... not that bad. They started out eating brekky together. (I put Charley's brekky in his cage, but he wanted to go eat with his friends...):
(Those are Charley's paws in the background, while he's sprawled out behind the drawers...) Then Charley became fixated on Rico and Pedro's cage. I acted as a Charley-proof gate for a while, but soon Rico came over to the cage entrance and seemed ready to defend the cage on his own, so I stepped away and let a few little scuffles ensue. When Charley got too crazy I would take him back over to his cage in the hallway to remind him that it was there and to let him catch his breath, but he would soon go binkying back into the kitchen. There are many awesome places for a bunny to climb in there:(Clearly I was wrong when I thought those raisins were out of reach...) Rico found this annoying:
but even got in on the climbing a little, himself:
Charley had to have a timeout for a little while, but soon I let him back out and when I poke my head into the kitchen he's always sprawled out in the HPFC while Rico and Pedro lounge in the cage:
We still have a ways to go, (Rico needs to let Charley in the cage, for example...) but we seem to be making good progress. Charley and Pedro are developing a bit of Toothless Bunny Solidarity,
and hopefully it's only a matter of time before Rico comes around...

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