Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bonus Bunnies!

This one's for you, Stanley... Just wanted to post a more positive update, focusing on the fact that Pedro loves Charley and Charley loves Pedro. These guys are killing me with the cuteness of their snuggles...
(Rico is still not on board, as you can sort of see in that last picture...) Charley was cracking me up on Saturday when I set my grocery bags on the ground. He could smell the kale, which was driving him crazy, but he has no front teeth so he can only gum at it until I cut it up for him... That didn't stop him from trying, though... He also did an impressive job flinging around the carrot tops that R left for him...And, finally, it was claw-trimming time again. Pedro disapproves.
Rico (censored for my more sensitive readers) was quietly plotting his revenge.And Charley, crazy-pants that he is, was a giant brat about the situation... The bonding seems to be back to heading in the right direction... I even witnessed some 3-bunny snuggles going on today... which was interrupted by Charley randomly clawing at Rico to pick a fight... Sigh.

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