Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, Charley has earned living room privileges, after behaving himself during supervised playtime in the den for a couple weeks and, being Charley, he of course started running around like a crazed bunny trying to explore every inch of the room:(His cage is still in the den, but moved to the living room for a night, as in the picture above, while the den acted as a guest room...) He also really loves his new cage, which features a shelf (since he likes to sit on things):
I had a dinner party thingy on Saturday, and Charley charmed the heck out of everyone. He's really just a big sweetie (with people, at least). And while I know that he's likely to win every popularity contest with guests, I've realized over the last week that Rico is still my favorite bunny on the planet. (Am I allowed to have favorites?) Charley is cuter and friendlier and hilarious and just generally ridiculously awesome, and I already can't imagine life without him... but Rico? Dude just kills me. On Friday night I tried again to let Charley and Rico meet, this time in the hallway, since it's outside of Charley's area and, despite having had access to it for over a month, Rico had never been there. The bonding failed as Charley doesn't understand that it's in his best interests not to try to mount Rico... and as I was taking care of getting Charley back out of the hall, I just let Rico hop away (figuring he'd head back to the kitchen). Rico spent the next couple hours wandering around the hallway, completely baffled by everything, slowly sniffing each new spot of carpet and becoming deeply fascinated by the tunnel. It was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. He's SO cautious, and just seemed blown away by this new space. For a while I worried that he didn't know how to get back to the kitchen, but he eventually figured it out... He also figured out that waiting for me to wake up and give him his fresh morning hay isn't necessary:
Those are three different mornings. So, yeah. I absolutely love Rico. He's just so... weird. His little brain is always working on something, and he's so grouchy and hostile and strange... I accidentally interrupted him leading Pedro on an expedition into the hall this morning. He was creeping along the wall, inch by inch, with Pedro following close behind for safety. My appearance on the scene ruined everything, and they went running back to the safety of their cave. One of these days he'll make it back to that strange and mysterious place, though. Oh, and Pedro still likes to bury himself in hay:

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