Monday, November 23, 2009


More indoor pictures this week. I'm finally allowed to lift more than 5 pounds again, though, so I'm able to set up their fence now and (weather permitting) hopefully we can get outside this week.
Rico is the strangest bunny I have ever met. He gets very upset if he doesn't think something is fair, but for him "fair" would mean that he eats until he's completely full and then Pedro can eat the scraps he leaves behind. If Pedro gets a cranberry and he doesn't think I'm planning to give him one, he runs into the cage and sulks in the corner. It is very important that he get the first treat... and even then he kind of gets offended that Pedro gets any before he gets a second treat. He sometimes nips at Pedro in the morning to get him away from where he knows I will be putting his breakfast. I've taken to picking him up and snuggling him when he does this (I call it "Snuggle Therapy," and am hoping it helps him work through his anger...), so now he knows he's not supposed to pick on Pedro and instead runs into the cage to do his little Angry Bunny War Dance. I'll have to get it on video one of these days. It's absolutely ridiculous and consists of aggressively hopping around and sometimes attacking the air/carpet. In summary, I love Rico, but dude is crazy.Pedro is still a sweetheart. He's really heartbreakingly adorable sometimes. At some point when Steph was here he figured out that sticking out his little bunny tongue is incredibly charming, so now he always licks his lips when he wants more treats. It absolutely kills me.
Above Pedro is stretching his neck to get a better angle on some hay. Below he is snuggling up to Rico for protection (since cooking smells scare him half to death).
Finally, here's Pedro with his perfectly grouchy little "I disapprove" face:

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