Monday, November 9, 2009


A few indoor pictures this week, mostly involving Pedro being a dork. First, though, it was nail-trimming time again last Monday. As I've mentioned before, I find the whole procedure way too stressful to do it myself, so I have the wonderful ladies from StressLess come take care of such things for me. Pedro was a pretty good sport about it:But Rico was a bit grumpier.When they finished with him he went directly to the corner of the cage to pout, foregoing even the raisin that was meant to reward him for putting up with such things. I had to hand deliver parsley to him in the corner when dinner time came and finally, after he'd finished grudgingly eating that, he came back out to be social and eat the rest of his dinner with Pedro. Brat. In other news, I buy hay in 14-pound boxes from the totally awesome people at Sweet Meadow Farm. Not only is it an order of magnitude cheaper than at pet supply stores, but it's much higher quality. When I first brought the little guys home I just had hay from the store, and they were like "Hmm... I guess it's OK... for me to poop on." Sweet Meadow Farm's hay is another story. They get so happy every time I refresh their supply. When we're lucky, there are even a few dried clover blossoms in the mix, which are a special (healthy) treat. Here's Rico nomming on hay like the dignified bunny that he is:
And here's Pedro (sometimes literally) diving in, like the giant dork he is:
(For the record: I did not put that hay on top of him. He just likes to do that to himself sometimes... because he is a dork...) Heh. He cracks me up. Speaking of Pedro, for 3 straight days this week he decided to shove the rear box of hay with his nose to put it at an angle in the cage, apparently so he could sleep with his head smooshed behind it. For the first two days I put it back where it belongs while he was out eating dinner (being a bit on the compulsive side and liking things to be in their proper place), but on the third day I just left it, thinking that it is his home to arrange as he wants, after all... then after dinner that day he shoved it back into its proper place with his nose and has left it there ever since. Maye he was just testing me all along... One last picture of bunnies lounging in the cage.
Rico looks pretty fat here, but I swear he's starting to lose a little weight... Really... Well, we're working on it, anyway...

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