Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have a relatively small number of bunny pictures these days, largely due to the fact that my back has made me pretty gimpy as of late and my camera always seems to be in the other room when the cuteness is happening. Pedro also seems fairly convinced that the camera is going to kill him (which is his general feeling about 93% of the things he encounters in the world...), while Rico enjoys sniffing the camera lens... It turns out that neither of these behaviors is particularly ideal for picture-taking... Anyway... Here's a leftover Bunnies Al Fresco picture of Rico that I like:and another shot of the Pedro-standing-on-Rico (as he does) thing:
Some more traditional lounging in the cage:
Here's Pedro nomming down once he was (finally) brave enough to come out of the cage (after I scared him half to death by boiling water an hour earlier...), while Rico sits in the background being handsome:
This was actually the catalyst for this post. Pedro is... not very good at eating sometimes. He tries. He tries with heart-breaking persistence, in fact... but his lack of front teeth just makes things difficult. Several times this week I've witnessed epic fails while he tried to eat a too-big piece of collard greens. He will sit there "chewing" while trying to tongue the greens back to his teeth for several minutes before finally giving up and leaving a slobbered-on piece of collard greens behind. Poor little guy. He gives up pretty quickly on the collard greens in the video below, then does just about the cutest thing ever while making sure he succeeds in eating the parsley. I had to stop filming immediately after that because I was cracking up...

I should note that Rico tends to eat the smaller (Pedro-appropriate) pieces of food first, leaving behind the bigger pieces that he knows Pedro can't eat. If he sees me breaking up a big piece of carrot or something that he's left behind so that Pedro can have some, he immediately runs over to eat it... So, yeah. I don't think his eating pattern is a coincidence. Such an adorable little jerk, that one.

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