Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 3 Bucs Post (vs. NY Giants, L 0-24)

So, that was rough. So rough, in fact, that I had to take a couple days to gain perspective before posting about it. My two negatives are:
1) The Bucs had 35 total yards of offense with 9 minutes of game time remaining. 35 yards. Thirty Five. That is really not good. At all. The Byron Leftwich Experiment was most definitely a failure, no?
2) The Kellen Winslow Experiment appears to be a failure as well. The guy cannot catch a ball that matters, and decided to run straight out of bounds a yard shy of the first down on 3rd-and-5 during Tampa's first drive. The thinking was clearly "I could get the first down, but then somebody might hit me. Meh." Not cool. Coach Morris called him out for that play, but I would be shocked if he starts stepping up and earning his excessively large contract any time soon.
Fearless leader Byron Leftwich had 22 total yards, but I choose to view that as a good thing... Nay, a GREAT thing. Turns out that was the answer to the nagging question "How badly would Leftwich have to play to actually get benched?" Josh Johnson (aka "The Other Josh," pictured above) came out and looked pretty darn OK on a 51-yard (non-scoring) drive and was able to convince The Powers That Be it was time to admit that the decision to start Leftwich was a horrible one... So, "Yay!" for the end of the Leftwich Era. It was only 3 games, but they were a LONG 3 games. Next week we've got the Redskins - a team that found a way to lose to the freaking Lions - which is perhaps our best chance at pulling off at least one win this season.
The Bucs defense is ranked 30th in the league right now, which is not a particularly great ranking. Getting Tanard Jackson back in Week 5 will help, but probably not enough... especially with Jermaine Phillips out for the year... After so many years of amazingly dominating defensive units, it hurts to see them play so poorly. I'll go ahead and broken-record that Dominik needs to get Barrett Ruud a contract extension if he wants to pretend we're rebuilding and not just flailing around.
On a semi-related note, my sports bar (Shoppers Cafe) continues to rock my world. Not only did they make me a really nice Chicken Caesar Salad (a whole, perfectly-grilled chicken breast on a bed of lightly dressed greens) but THEY HAVE SILVER STRIKE BOWLING!!! I freaking love that game and, when Yur's didn't have it on my last trip to Portland, I was heartbroken. "I will have to search all of the Boston Metro area looking for it," I told myself... And then: there it was... waiting for me in the corner of my new favorite Sunday hang-out. As soon as I convince a few friends that video bowling is most awesome thing ever, it is on.

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