Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 2 Bucs Post (@ Buffalo, L 20-33)

Hey. That score's almost identical to last week... Yet, somehow, this game was much more depressing. My two negatives for the week are:
1) The Bucs committed 112 yards of penalties. ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE. 60 yards in face mask penalties alone (e.g. the one pictured above). Sigh. It's REALLY hard to win a game when you give the opposition 112 free yards (and score 10 points for them with your offense). Seriously.
2) The run game looked bad this week. Playing without Antonio Bryant, Leftwich looked even worse this week, which allowed Buffalo to just crowd the box. There's apparently no telling when Bryant will be back, so we need to find another deep threat (or a decent quarterback) soon. Leftwich threw for almost 300 yards and 3 TDs, but the 2 picks and countless badly thrown balls were killer. Don't even get me started on his screen passes.In good news, Sabby Piscitelli (above) redeemed himself with a pick and a fumble recovery. With Jermaine Philips possibly knocked out by a broken thumb, kid needs to step up like this. Elbert Mack made a great play breaking up a TD pass (below), as well, making up a bit for getting burned last week.
The defense also put some solid pressure on the QB this week, including some nice play by Jimmy Wilkerson. That needs to continue to take a bit of pressure off of the less-than-stellar secondary.
I'm willing to believe this is a rebuilding year, and I would even be able to accept a possibly winless season in the name of "rebuilding"... but I can only have faith in the future of this team if they give this man:
a contract extension. Seriously, Dominik. Get on that.

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