Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 1 Bucs Post (vs. Dallas, L 21-34)

I'm going to try to keep these brief this year, in part because I think it will most likely be a very long year and ranting/whining on a weekly basis is not particularly becoming. Thus I will limit myself to two negative comments per week and try to focus on the positive. My two negatives for Week 1 are:
1) Watching Byron Leftwich as the starting quarterback for my team sort of makes me want to vomit. Literally. I have no words for how much I hate this situation. Nobody who has seen him on a football field would ever mistake him for a leader of men. Nobody.

2) Oh, Sabby... I've got a lot of love in my heart for Sabby Piscitelli, and am often praising him to random people, but he looked bad this game. Really bad. So bad that I thought for a minute that Aqib Talib was about to beat the crap out of him on the sideline after he handed the Cowboys an 80-yard TD to put the game out of reach. Here's hoping he's as smart as I give him credit for so he can put this behind him and be the player I've always thought he could be...

The good is that Cadillac Williams looked absolutely fantastic in his return from his second torn patellar tendon. Not a lot of guys would have come back from the first one and, after seeing him come back so strong from the second, you can't question his toughness. (His durability, maybe, but never his toughness...) The run game was beautiful, as was the play of Michael Clayton (again) (finally) and Antonio Bryant. The offense has a lot of potential once they get a decent quarterback, and the defense will improve when Tanard Jackson is back. At least Ronde Barber looked good, which always puts me in an optimistic mood. Everything is going to be OK. Still hanging on to mild "We're going to the Super Bowl" delusions over here...

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