Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bunnies al Fresco

The bunnies, they are killing me with their cuteness...I got a new rabbit fence last weekend called the Garden Defender which, as the name implies, is designed to keep rabbits (and deer) out of your garden. I, on the other hand, use it to keep the cute little guys in my yard and out from under cars. My modified version (which had to be collapsible since I didn't want to leave it in everyone's way in the shared yard when I'm not using it) went together in about 10 minutes and sets up in under 5 minutes, giving me a ~40 foot x 30 foot play area for the bunnies:
I bring the little guys out in their pet carrier so that I don't have to leave anyone unattended out there with all the predators while I go fetch the other one. Pedro actually will hop back into the pet carrier when he gets too nervous, so it turns out it's good to have it out there.
Pedro is definitely the more nervous of the two. The moment I opened the door, Rico was out running off to see where the boundaries were, then sitting under as bush being stealthy.
Pedro tends to stick closer to me, running through the tunnel, sitting under my chair, and just generally being sweet and making me feel good that he trusts me to be his protector.
Every now and then Rico would come hopping over to get Pedro
and then they would go off to explore together for a while, thus doubling the level of cuteness.
This weekend Rico was a bit more playful, so they spent more time together and running around. Check out these awesome running bunnies:
Because Pedro is a dork, he ran straight into a corner in the fence when he was hopping at full speed at one point, then proceeded to sneeze for about a minute. Poor little guy. Finally, here's a video of the bunnies hopping around. It got a little grainy on when I compressed it, but you get the idea.

The little guys have so much fun outside, I will definitely try to get them out there every weekend until the snow comes.

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