Saturday, August 1, 2009

Evolution of an HPFC

This may seem like yet another bunny post, but that's not entirely the case. I just wanted to share the latest design element in my kitchen, which happens to be a Hawk-Proof Food Cave (HPFC) for the bunnies. This started because I needed a more accessible place to put their food following surgery, but their discomfort eating without a roof over their heads led me to construct a makeshift structure out of things I could find in the 10 minutes I had available to me:
This was already good enough in their minds, and they immediately started spending a lot of quality time in the HPFC...
(You can see in the picture just above that Pedro has moved the food dish out of the HPFC. He was quite adamant on this point...) Unfortunately, the support columns for the cave were bins that I actually use every 2-3 days (since they contain litter box supplies) and, quite frankly, the structure looked a little too ghetto to become a permanent fixture in my kitchen (as the bunnies clearly wanted it to be). I went out looking for a solution, and I stumbled upon some drawers that would not only work well to support a roof, but would also serve as storage for all of the rabbit supplies that were occupying space in my laundry closet. After getting the drawers in place, I headed over to Home Depot to find a board to give them a better roof. I also removed the door from the rabbit cage to open up a bit more space in the entryway for humans, a move which allowed me to add a second entrance at the back of the HPFC.
I like how the roof covers the entryways in the back, too, so now it's a much larger hawk-proof area (which the little guys appreciate). I still had the paint from when I converted the top of their cage into a table, so I went ahead and painted the top of the HPFC to match the their cage:
And there you have it: a relatively awesome HPFC for two adorable little bunnies. Basically, I have now ceded almost my entire kitchen to these little guys, but this latest addition has made them ridiculously happy so I can't really complain. Their "behavioral issues" have completely disappeared, and Pedro in particular is a much friendlier bunny than he was pre-HPFC. I will admit that the obstacle course that makes up my kitchen is a bit out of control at this point, but having happy bunnies who I don't have to clean up messes for is totally worth it to me. (Yes. I am apparently a "crazy bunny lady"... although I maintain that it lacks the stigma of being a "crazy cat lady," so I'm sort of OK with that...)


featherz said...

dude, considering that my entire house/yard/life revolves around my pets, being a crazy bunny lady with a cramped bunny kitchen seems pretty normal, and even easy! after all, its just the kitchen. they aren't busy digging up your yard, or waking you up sqwaking at 6 30 in the morning to be let out...

or barking at you for walks while you are eating breakfast!

or batting your head for breakfast while you sleep.

or stealing your clothes while you are in the shower.

but hey, its all easier than children!

featherz said...

ps featherz is my idle handz ladies auxilery name, and i guess is what i am signed into blogger as right now, its maggie!

emmo said...

I guessed it might be you... =)

And, yes, happy bunnies are totally worth giving up a bit of my personal space... and it's true that the fact that they can't make (much) noise or leave the kitchen definitely makes them way lower maintenance than your awesome menagerie... =D