Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arbitrarily-Spaced-in-Time Bunny Post

I give up. Weekly is too frequent. Fortnightly is too hard to keep track of. Thus, I'm just going to post about the bunnies whenever the urge strikes me (as I probably should have done all along). Structure is for losers, after all... (Or so I'm told.) Before I get to updates, here is the most awesome picture of Rico ever:
He's just stretching and yawning, but he looks how I think he pictures himself: like a ferocious beast. Pedro's looking like he might be ready to rough you up, too. Don't mess with the bunnies during nap time, man... It's been a chaotic time for the little guys as of late. I came home from work the Friday before last to find Pedro napping behind the fridge (where there is space because my kitchen is still gutted from the flood).
I thought this was just about the cutest thing ever, but then he didn't come out for dinner and when I went to pick him up to move him to a better location he just hung limp in my hands. For the next ~3 hours he would barely move (even as I gently harassed him), turned sadly away from food (even oats and cranberries, which is unprecedented), and wouldn't really open his eyes all the way. It basically seemed like he was about to die, and I was freaking out. I called my friend Maggie (who has enough pets at her house to qualify as a zoo-keeper) and she helped me calm down a bit and decide to just keep an eye on him rather than taking him to the ($150) emergency vet right away... Just before bed he perked up a little bit, and came hopping over to me to see if I had any food for him. Catastrophe averted. Whew...
Next up to give me a scare was Rico. After taking them in for dental work on Wednesday (they both had molar spurs that needed to be dealt with) Rico was having a tough time recovering from anesthesia. The vet had warned that this might be the case, given his morbid obesity and the way anesthesia can absorb into fat and stay in the body longer. Pedro was totally stoned when I first brought them home (he sat there staring at the wall for a couple hours, looking like he was thinking "Dude. Have you ever looked at a wall? I mean really looked at it? Whoa...") but then got his appetite back, started hopping around, and was back to his adorable self. (He'd had this procedure before, and that probably helped, too.) Rico was having issues, though. He didn't want to move from the back corner of the cage (and he's almost never in the cage, generally speaking) and refused to eat. When I gave him part of a banana chip he tried to eat it with just his incisors, like he was scared to use his newly-corrected molars. It was truly pathetic. He was looking pretty sad
and I ended up having to take him in on Thursday to be force-fed (which he actually really seemed to enjoy) and given an appetite stimulant and some IV fluids. He was finally doing a lot better yesterday, and hopefully that will be the end of bunny problems for a while.
Enough drama. More pictures. Apparently the bunnies totally played me with their "we are so afraid of hawks" act, because ever since the HPFC was built they've taken to lounging out in the open on the mat in front of my sink. (Note Rico's monstrous belly. We are working on getting that under control.)
It started with just Rico (as most random behavior does... because he is a weirdo...),
but then Pedro started joining him and occasionally hanging out over there on his own (shown here in his I-am-a-happy-bunny superman pose):
Now, whenever I come out in the night, this is where I find them... all snuggled up together being adorable.
They've been hanging out together more since I built the HPFC, too, which I love to see. Here's a shot some serious grooming going on in the HPFC:
and a video of the tail end of that grooming session:

One of Pedro's quirks that I remember reading about before adopting him is that he likes to stand on Rico. He does this all the time, and it never ceases to amuse me. Here's my favorite shot of such things:
and a couple more subtle versions below:
I realized with their recent health scares how very glad I am that they have each other. Pedro was especially good about hanging out with Rico when Rico wasn't feeling well (even if that hanging out involved standing on him), but Rico stayed by Pedro's side for a long time when Pedro was sickly, too. I like knowing that they don't have to be alone if they're having a rough day and I'm off doing human stuff... Pedro has really been growing on me lately, by the way. A few months ago I would have said without hesitation that Rico was my favorite, but that would be a harder call now... I mean, look at this face:
He absolutely kills me... OK: One last (slightly blurry) Pedro shot and I'll sign off...
I never intend for these things to be so Pedro-centric. The little guy just loves the camera, and it seems to love him back... Anyway, I promise future bunny posts will be (at least a little) less excessive...


Midge said...

That picture of Rico is awesome!

Anonymous said...

that photo of Rico w/ his mouth open and Pedro right behind would be great for disapproving!