Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fortnightly Bunnies

After a decrease in bunny-centric posting due to travel and whatnot, they're back (in epic proportions)... and I'm pretty sure they need therapy. Rico has some serious anger management issues, while Pedro plays the role of battered partner in their relationship and is starting to suffer from some serious paranoia... This all started with a trip to the vet, which involved 30 minutes in the car each way plus a bit of torture while they were there. They did not enjoy this. Here they are in their carrier in my car:
The good news is that Rico's eye (which had previously had some major issues requiring me to give him a shot once a week) is looking great. The bad news is that both bunnies have molar spurs, which means I need to bring them back in about a month so they can get knocked out and have their teeth fixed... and then repeat that every 6 - 9 months. Luckily for them, I love them enough that I'm willing to pay for this not-particularly-cheap service to keep them in good health, contrary to (facetious?) suggestions from a certain brother of mine... The other bad news (which I already knew about) is that Rico is a very fat little bunny.
Look at the size of that belly! Yeesh... I usually hide his fat belly behind Pedro when I post pictures, like in this one (in which it is apparent that Pedro could stand to drop a little weight as well):
and he doesn't look too fat when he's hopping around (he's hopped behind the air conditioner here so that he could pout more effectively when he was mad at me):
but he is indeed a fat bunny. Fat and angry.
As with the last time I (attempted to) put him on a diet, Rico is rather enraged by this situation. He bit me (not hard enough to break the skin, just hard enough to really hurt) twice this week when he felt like I wasn't delivering his morning cranberries with enough haste or in large enough quantities. He has also resumed his attacks on poor little Pedro, who didn't want to leave the cage for a full week after the vet visit.
Pedro would just hop over to the door, then get nervous and run back to hide in the corner. It was breaking my damn heart, and I think it was largely due to the fact that Rico, supposedly his best friend, was bullying him so much. This morning, for whatever reason, Pedro was back to his old dorky self, even coming out just to say "hi" to me with a nudge to the ankle while I was making my morning espresso (despite the fact that Rico had recently attacked him). Here he is lounging behind Rico's fat belly in the tunnel when they were both out and about:
Here's Pedro nomming on some hay, being all sweet and adorable:
As long as I'm going crazy with the pictures, I took a shot of something Pedro does that cracks me up, related to his love of shoving things around with his nose. Whenever the food dish is empty, Pedro cannot tolerate having it take up valuable space in the cage, so he flips it on its side and shoves it behind the water bottle for storage until the next time I put food in it:
He does this every single day, and it totally kills me... Let me say, again, since I've been mean to him this post, that even though Rico is very very fat and very very mean, I really do love the little guy. Pedro breaks my heart with how nervous he gets sometimes, and he definitely brings out a nurturing side of me, but Rico is my buddy and I love watching his mood swings (except the bullying part) and seeing his clever little brain work to try and get more treats. He's awesome... even if he is fat and angry. Finally, here's another nomming video, this one highlighting the trials and tribulations of being a toothless bunny, especially if your human failed to tear your greens into small enough pieces for you to get them into your mouth with your little bunny tongue... (Sorry, Pedro...)

After I finished documenting his cute little struggles, rest assured that I got him some more appropriately-sized pieces on which he could nom with great success.


dougdoni said...

Poor Pedro - he never gives up!

emmo said...

I know... and he came *so* close a couple times, too... Such a cutey... =)