Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bonus Bunnies...

I know we're not due for the fortnightly bunnies post yet, but I'm stranded in my guest room as workmen destroy my kitchen (as is necessary in order to repair the water damage) and I've got some bunny pictures and videos sitting here... Plus, a little extra cuteness never hurts, right? I don't have any Rico-is-a-fatty pictures to accompany this tidbit, but one of the workmen asked me today if Rico is pregnant. Ha! If I didn't know he was just a morbidly obsese (male) bunny, that would probably be my first guess, too. He is on a diet, but these things take time... Here he is doing a bit of nomming while in his spot where he goes to show me how totally awesome he is:

Not to be outdone, here's Pedro nomming in the hawk-proof food cave (HPFC):

Note how he nudges Rico out of his way at the end. He's getting pretty good at standing up for himself against the much more aggressive Rico. Here he is just after the above video ended, when he has fully pushed Rico out of the "good" lounging spot and is settled in for some good laziness:
Here he is getting hay all over him as he gets serious about nomming:
And, finally, just randomly being chillin' in the HPFC (where he is almost every time I come into the kitchen these days):
They have been surprisingly un-freaked-out by the strange men destroying my kitchen today. Funny that power tools and large strange loud men are less frightening than grilled chicken...

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