Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Bunnies

The bunnies and I weren't getting along so well this week, as it seemed like I was only getting to experience the disgusting/exasperating side of pet ownership. Between Pedro's digestive issues (which... are gross.) and a tenant-landlord dispute yesterday with regards to where peeing should be allowed (an HOUR cleaning and sanitizing a spot where they had secretly been being "bad," only for Rico to hop right over and leave a puddle in that exact spot not 5 minutes later...), there was not a lot of love in my heart for these guys over the last couple days... Rico is definitely the bad bunny of the two, which is actually worse because he totally knows better (Pedro always has his stupidity as an excuse) but he does these things anyway out of spite/boredom/evil-heartedness... Sigh... Luckily for them, the little guys are so freaking cute that they always manage to get back in my good graces before too long. Anyway, the lack of love in my heart resulted in a decreased amount of picture-taking. Here's what I've got. First up, Pedro passed out next to Rico... So ridiculously adorable when he's all tuckered out. He usually wakes up before I can catch him on film in this pose:
This next pair of pictures was taken because Pedro cracks me up with how long he is when he really stretches out. (He has taken to chilling in the tunnel as well, by the way, so I set up a second tunnel after these were taken, which makes for all kinds of adorable scampering about when the bunnies are hyper...) Anyway, these two shots were taken seconds apart:
That is some good stretching... (That green thing in the picture on the right is a pet toy that somebody bought for them. They are thoroughly indifferent to it.) Finally, to show that I still find Rico adorable and charming even though he is a very bad bunny (Prove me wrong, Rico! Prove me wrong...), here he is nomming on some arugula in the cage. I love the conveyor belt action as each leaf slowly enters his mouth. Mmm... Arugula...

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